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A Second Chance for animals.

AAA currently hosts 135 abandoned dogs. These dogs come from the streets, many of which were ill-treated by their owners, suffering from injuries and most often left to wonder in the streets because their owners cannot keep them anymore. Sadly, irresponsible owners abandon their animals anywhere, leaving them without a shelter, food and water. This causes immense distress to the animal, who is now left to fend for itself. AAA has a strict non-killing policy. No animals are put to sleep because they are sick or because there is not enough space for them. Animals who come in ill are given all the necessary veterinary help no matter how much it costs. Animals who have untreatable illness or injuries are put to sleep upon veterinary advice and as humanely as possible. Putting dogs to sleep saddens us deeply and on our website we dedicated a page for these dogs - Rainbow Bridge.

AAA follows a neutering campaign which is either funded from the donations we collect, from the Department of Animal Welfare, Happy Paws, Paws and other local & foreign organisations. We successfully neutered hundreds of animals in 2008 from registered feeders, homes, factories and other entities. AAA stresses the importance of Neutering and Microchipping and upon spaying or neutering an animal, AAA microchips the animals.

AAA Malta is in conjunction with foreign organisations for homing our dogs. Sadly not so many dogs find homes in Malta so we teamed up with these animal organisations to help us offer a new life to these animals.

Running our sanctuary and doing the above things is not an easy task. We are only a team of five helpers. Four of us have full time jobs and this work is done in our free time. Only one member is full time at the sanctuary and runs the sanctuary single handedly. We therefore need more help and more volunteers to help in the cleaning of the sanctuary. Every little helps. We invite you to come and meet our dogs - you will be greeted with heaps of hugs. Please click here if you are interested.

We are in constant need of funds since we monthly pay 1540 in rent, wages, water and fuel. This obviously excludes food, medicines, veterinary operations, homing abroad flights and the every day running expenses of the sanctuary. Therefore your kind donations are highly needed and appreciated. AAA Malta is a non-profit organisation and depends solely on funds by the generous public.  A minimum of 4000 per month is need to run the sanctuary.

AAA Malta follows a Memberships Programme, whereby the sponsorships of dogs is our main income. Please visit Become a Member pages. You are only a click away from sponsoring a dog for an annual for six months term.

For further convenience you can also donate by means of telephone. These donations apply only for networks in Malta. Please click here for phone donations.







Kindly forward ALL donations, memberships and correspondence to AAA Malta, PO Box 24, Hamrun. This is our ONLY official address.

Charity Number VO/0092

All correspondence is acknowledged from this address.